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Live! Art+Talk with Kate

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Hi! I'm Kate Catlin, aka k8Catlin, Friday, and friday_k8. I'm so happy you're here! You can connect with me here:


Check out my Friday's Friday video to see what's in the studio and what's up in my world!

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Send me 2 things and I'll send you a picture! Try and Stump the Octopus (me)―I bet you can't! Respond to this email with 2 random things. Let's play! (Now you can play with me on Twitch! Join me Tuesday, July 12, from 8-10 pm CDT for my premiere stream!)

This is a couple of "2 things" I did last year. hands+heart and tree frog+pineapple. I love seeing how much more I can pack into a fast drawing now! I didn't even used to do them in color! It's amazing how much simply playing around can improve a person's art skills.

Join my private Facebook group where we will talk about how we fund our fun! Burners, burner-adjacent folks, artists, and anyone who would like to discuss the many ways us super-creative people make the magic happen!

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I am a brand artist. I believe art has the power to help us express our most true selves to the people only we were designed to reach. I do commissioned art using my intuitive and empathic gifts in a collaborative process where the art deeply reflects the heart of the collector. Branded art specifically showcases the super-creative entrepreneurs’ one-of-a-kind offerings in a way that makes sense and feels natural. Respond to this email to talk to me about your brand for free.