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I did something scary this week!

publishedabout 1 month ago
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Hi! I'm Kate Catlin, aka k8Catlin and Friday. I'm so happy you're here! You can connect with me here:


Check out my Friday's Friday video to see what's in the studio and in my world this week!

video preview

Work in Progress

The Journey, mixed media on canvas, 24x36 in. (sold)

Join me on Twitch! I'm drawing and chatting on Tuesdays from 8-10 pm & Fridays from 6-8 pm CDT. My channel link is:

This is what I drew on my premiere stream this week:

octopus+chef. (sold)

Obama+cooking. (unavailable) and robot+ballet. ($20, respond to snag it!)

Join my private Facebook group where we talk about how we fund our fun! Burners, burner-adjacent folks, artists, and anyone who would like to discuss the many ways us super-creative people make the magic happen!

Afterburn Facebook Group

I am a brand artist. I believe art has the power to help us express our most true selves to the people only we were designed to reach. I do commissioned art using my intuitive and empathic gifts in a collaborative process where the art deeply reflects the heart of the collector. Branded art specifically showcases the super-creative entrepreneurs’ one-of-a-kind offerings in a way that makes sense and feels natural. Respond to this email to talk to me about your brand for free.