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Need a smile? I got you!

published21 days ago
1 min read

Happy Friday!

This week in the studio...I realize I wished I had art to show you. But after this weekend I will have event pics to share from designing my Vampire Prom dress, and more! Since I did boring work all week, here's some music I'll share with you.

And now, on to the weird.

Links and videos to brighten your day.

Actual secret recipes! Or at least recipes in secret emails. That aren't. Secrets. Anymore.

It feels like I'm actually on Mars! It's so crazy that we get high-res images of this!

Woman is an actual superhero with the ability to herd cats.

This would NOT relieve my stress. But the machine looks so bad, I did laugh.

Have you ever wanted to listen to a mushroom?

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